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This variety box gets you a mix of meat that fits the season delivered right to your front door. Right now its summer which means our current box includes: 


2# Sirloin Tip Steak

2# NY Strip Steaks

1# Tenderloin Steaks 

1# Flat Iron Steaks 

2# Brisket  

2# Fajita Meat

8 Ground Beef Patties (1/3#)

1 Package of Organic Collagen Casing Hot Dogs 

1 Smoked Summer Sausage 

1 Surprise sausage/brat of our choosing 


*Summer Variety box is available now through August 29th. 

*This is a quarterly subscription which gets sent out the 1st Monday of March, June, September, and December. Purchasing the Seasonal Variety Box through a subscription gets you a 5% discount over buying the boxes individually.  Invoices will be sent out a week prior with the opportunity to opt out for any specific quarter. 

*Please indicate any food allergies in the notes section of your order


Look below to check out the makeup of the upcoming seasonal boxes!   


Fall Box

2# Ribeye Steaks

3 to 4# Chuck Roast

2 to 3# Brisket 

4# English Style Short Ribs 

3# Osso Buco Style Soup Bones 

4# Stew Meat 

1 Surprise sausage/brat of our choosing 


Winter Box

2# Sirloin Steak

2# NY Strip Steak

2# Ribeye Steaks

4# Ground Beef in 1lbs packages 

2# Netted Chuck Roast 

2# Marrow Bones 

1 Surprise sausage/brat of our choosing 


Spring Box

2# Tenderloin Steak 

2# Sirloin Tip Steak

2# London Broil

3 to 4 # Pastrami 

2# Corned Beef

1 Grass Fed Jalapeno Cheddar Brat

1 Grass Fed Hawaiian Brat

1 Surprise sausage/brat of our choosing