B Bar Ranch Beef

Organic. 100% Grass Fed.

Raised IN Montana

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The B Bar Ranch Way

Certified Organic, Grass Fed & Finished

For over 30 years, B Bar Ranch has been a certified organic operation.

Regenerative Ranching

The management practice we use with our cattle and land are building living soils and biodiversity.

Raised in Montana, Delivered Beyond

B Bar Ranch Beef is your reliable source of beef that is good for you and the planet. Available at stores near you and shipped direct to your door.

All the good stuff & nothing extra!

Our animals are raised without added hormones, they are never given antibiotics, or grain. The are given access to fresh grasses during the growing season and hay to supplement during our long winters.

Regenerative Management Practices

Our cattle are making positive impacts on the pastures and soils that feed them. Using management intensive rotational grazing we ensure maximum rest and recovery for the land to build living soil and biodiverse forages for our cattle and the local wildlife.

Low Stress Stockmanship

Our cattle are raised in their intended setting surrounded by mountains and grasses. They are managed in a manner that is respectful of their natural instincts and safe for all involved. Plus, content cattle equals better beef!