Custom Beef 1/4

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This package won't require you to purchase a giant freezer just to store it and gives you a great variety of cuts to play with.  There is enough of each cut that you can plan a family dinner around it.  This should last a while and allow you to get creative with all the different cuts!  It is packaged in five insulated boxes for shipping straight to your doorstep. The weights below are the minimum you'll receive, depending on the size of the animal the weights might differ slightly but they will never be less than these. This quarter is somewhat customizable, if there are certain cuts you do not want we can swap other cuts in their place. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can figure out what your custom 1/4 will be before you purchase.


2# Brisket

8# Chuck roast (2 - 4 roasts)

6# English style short ribs

5.5# Ribeye steaks (1.25" thick)

3.5# NY steaks (1.25" thick)

1.3# Tenderloin steaks

2# Arm Roast

4.5# Sirloin steaks

4# Sirloin tip steaks

1.5# Flat Iron Steaks

3# Skirt Steak

5# Stew meat

4.5# Osso Bucco style soup bones

35# Ground beef (1# packages)


This product will come in 5 insulated boxes.